Underaged Thinking

I hadn’t felt that first day of class nervousness that I felt here since the first day of college. The classes are arranged differently than what I’m used to and being an international students differentiates me from everyone else. For each class, lectures meet once a week and tutorials meet once a week. It means a lot less class time and a lot more sneaky grades, things I’m not too keen on. But enough about class! or at least that’s what I tell myself every night when I sit down to try and review what I’ve learned in class.
In fact, the first day of classes was one of many times this semester so far in which I’ve found uncanny parallels to my freshman year of college. For one, I live in a dorm surrounded by other uni students. This is similar to my first year of college except it fulfills the dream I had of living in a more social dorm. If only I could tell my 18 year old self. I wouldn’t want to give anything away so all I’d say is “you have a lot more in store for you.”
Aside from that, everything is new and I’m still getting used to the social norms of college here which makes me feel like a first year again. Everything is new but everything is good.

Although it seems like I never leave my happy campy home, BK, I’ve actually had a couple of adventures of a lifetime so far.
I visited the Koala Sanctuary here in Brisbane and after a quick cuddle with a koala, I got to literally hop around with approximately 30 kangaroos in a wide green field at sunset. They’re not that bad after all so I take back my previous stance that kangaroos are freaky and too human-looking.

I also got to go on my first surf lesson with my uni and some friends from my hall. (It was free, Mom and Dad!) If you know me you know this is something I’ve been dying to do. I stood up four or so times on tiny waves but now that I got a gest of what to do, I’ve been itching to get back out there and try it again. (Luckily I’ll be getting the opportunity to this weekend in Stradbroke Island!)

One of my favorite days so far was the day I went waterfall hiking. I woke up bright and early with the sun and hopped on a quick train down the the coast where I met some friends. We were put in a van as and we drove up the mountain, we took turn playing music that made my heart so happy that I could have cried. Music has come to develop as kind of a theme this semester, a language that we all speak. Our first stop after our arrival at Mt. Tamborine was this weird little glow worm cave. We lined up and entered into a little cave with a thousand stars covering the walls, except they weren’t stars, they were worms. I couldn’t see, but I could hear my friends reactions and quite wows. After our eyes got used the sunlight again we made our way to a forest with tall trees and big lizards and took off our shoes and basically started climbing rocks and didn’t stop. Climbing down the side of a waterfall gives you new angles to see it’s beauty from and jumping in unclear water is okay when there are already other people in it. We ended the night with dinner at Surfer’s Paradise and non-stop giggles.

Most recently, this weekend, my friend Caroline and I went down to Rainbow Bay to watch the Quicksilver Roxy Pro Surfing Competition. My obsession with surfing is just growing stronger and stronger each time I got to the beach. Snapper Rocks, where the competition took place, was the nicest beach I’d ever been to. It was the bluest blue, surrounded by palm trees and littered with surfers. We spent the morning swimming and I started to feel like a fish after diving under so many raging waves. Then we stood on the shore with other spectators and watched as the pro women surfers ripped it up on the big waves. I couldn’t stop staring just because I could not understand how they could ride a wave like that. Dreamy, tired, and sun kissed we headed home once again.

Although my Australian friends ruthlessly and endlessly make fun of me and my American accent and tendencies, and I come up with mediocre comebacks about Australia, I hope they know how in love I am with their country. (If you’re reading this Aussie friends…hi.)

To sum things up, giant moths keep getting into my room but other than that I’m doing pretty well.

Published by Mia Olea Garza

I am a photography, videographer, and filmmaker in Austin, Texas.

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