Traveling: A Workout

The day before I left the air conditioner at my house broke and I had only gotten two hours of sleep the night before. Consequently, it just felt like a blur of heat and sleepiness. I literally can only picture the entire day behind a blurry filter. After speed packing to get to sleep, I was hot, sweaty, flustered, and exhausted but very very peaceful. I’m almost alarmed by how little anxiety and nervousness I’ve felt. I’d be more concerned if those feelings weren’t replaced with only excitement and happiness.

On my flight from San Antonio to New York I sat next to a little boy no more than five or six who didn’t speak English. An hour or so into the flight he fell asleep on my arm. When he woke up he looked up at me, surprised and perhaps a 6-year-old version of embarrassed. I smiled at him and he continued to stare. I didn’t know what to do so I looked the other way out the window and when I looked back over he was sound to sleep again on the other side of his chair. He even slept through the plane landing.

I, a small person, picked up my own luggage, all together weighing a combines 100 pounds. I dragged it all the way from terminal 2 to terminal 7 of JFK through three escalators, two elevators one airport-train-thing, 16 sorries, and 12 excuse me’s. Other activities at JFK included spending $20 at Starbucks and going through TSA twice.

I remembered that I’m actually a friendly person and most people are nice- two things I seem to have forgot, I guess, as I had been so intimidated before. I made friends easily and then headed on to the plane where I was blessed with two seats to myself. Despite the extra leg room I still slept somewhere from 30 minutes- 0 minutes. Before they dimmed the cabin lights, I watched a movie in Spanish with English subtitles about a bachelorette party. It was a terrible movie but I was hoping it would help me learn Spanish. It did not- they talked 100 mph and I only understood four words in total.

This was the first picture I took as we arrived in Madrid. I took off my eye mask and we were there.

Published by Mia Olea Garza

I am a photography, videographer, and filmmaker in Austin, Texas.

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