The Beginning

“I would stand and look out over the roofs of Paris and think, ‘Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now.'” -Earnest Hemingway 

I remind myself of the moment in Hemingway’s novel A Moveable Feast whenever I don’t know what to write about. It also gives me a little ego boost to remember a time that I too stood on some tiny balcony in Paris at one point. When he was my age, Hemingway lived in France and Spain and all he did was party with his American friends and write and write and write. He thought EVERYTHING was a metaphor, he couldn’t help seeing them everywhere. He was trying to make sense of the world, and break free of his American values and learn new ones, and to be true.

The Golden Hour

Summer has been delightfully short for me and as I reflect on the last couple of weeks that compose of my last summer as a college student, I don’t hate them, which is a great start. I was still in school in Australia for the first month of summer because that’s how university works when you’re upside-down I guess.
I was so afraid, even up until I was on the flight back, that I would be terribly bored and depressed after having traveled for a whole year but I’ve been having a surprisingly adventurous time since I’ve been back and I am definitely not bored or depressed.
I could talk for miles about the life lessons I learned this past year. One thing that I learned is that “being abroad” is all part of a mindset, and that mindset can be had anywhere. Even though I’m not traveling anymore, my mindset hasn’t changed from the one I developing while traveling. When I was at a restaurant in Prague or a beach in Australia or a clothing store in Madrid, it was so intriguing and cool to me because it was exotic. Now whenever I go to a new restaurant in San Antonio, or the lake in Austin that I missed a lot or when I drive with the windows down and the sky looks incredible I feel the same way. Ironically, I like to think that no one place is necessarily more special than another. That’s not at all to say that I would be okay being trapped in one place my whole life.

San Antonio fun

I’m interning at the marketing department of the Witte Museum in San Antonio this summer and that keeps me moderately busy. I try to go swimming as often as possible, it’s so incredibly hot but I can’t stand the indoors so swimming is a lovely compromise. My dear friend Anne Ferguson has helped me rediscover San Antonio. A city I used to absolutely hate I’m now excited to be living in for one more year. Anne’s San Antonio is welcoming and cozy but intriguing and unique at the same time and as hard as I try, I can’t hate it when I see it through her eyes.

I feel like I’ve entered a new phase of my life. Before I left, I was still a teenager now I am a young adult. I’ve been able to shake some of my lazy or angst-fueled habits and trade them in for responsible choices. As I see friends that I haven’t seen in so long, I realize how lucky I am to have a community here in Trinity and that makes me so very excited to return to school. In fact my excitement is what’s fueling me through everything. I still feel the same way I have for a while– like I’m experiencing new and exciting things every day. Although I know that my work load when I get back to school is going to be incredibly heavy due to all the traveling I did, I’m up for the challenge. 

Published by Mia Olea Garza

I am a photography, videographer, and filmmaker in Austin, Texas.

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