Mi Dia

7:45AM- Wake Up
There’s a window right above my bed and I keep open at all times. It lets in the sun in the morning and when I open my eyes the first thing I see is the uninterrupted sun coming through my window.

8:00AM- Actually wake up
I get up to look out the other window and see all the red rooftops and the grey sky and feel the temperature. This is when I have to decide whether to dress comfortably or give my best attempt to fit in with the fashion of Madrid. I went one whole week without wearing a t-shirt once. 0/10 would recommend unless you’re really hard core though. I bought a beaded purple chocker necklace in France that’s all the rage among the Spanish youth. I wear it to fit, especially when I decide to wear my chaos. Which, not even all Americans I’ve run into have even seen before. I wear them none the less.

8:15AM- Run downstairs for breakfast
(Yes, it took me 15 minutes to get ready.) My host mother puts out cereal and fruit for breakfast and conveniently a jar of sugar which is meant for coffee but I put it in my cereal. So if you want to know if I had sugar in my cereal this morning, yes, I did.
8:30AM- Walk to the metro
The neighborhood which my host family’s house is located is filled with Spanish town houses behind tall stone gates. I’m lucky to live in a house, there aren’t a lot of them in Madrid. As I cross the main street or the little neighborhood, I pass by children in school uniforms and their parents carrying their three tiny backpacks on their backs.
8:45AM- Metro ride
Early in the morning men in suits sit with their eyes closed on the metro. I wonder when the next time they’ll get to have a good night’s sleep will be, and they’re probably wondering the same thing. I listen to Spanish podcasts in the morning in an attempt to shove some Spanish into my head but to be honest I usually end up listening to my “For DJing Lame Parties” playlist on Spotify instead half way through. When the metro is really crowded, I look at people’s faces and practice describing them in words for my future writing ventures. There are people with hair that’s thin and shiny like string and people with ankles that are pale and heavy wearing round dull-colored shoes. There are people who’s eyebrows are the exact same color as their eyes and people who’s eyes are hidden inside their face. When the metro is crowded I also turn off whatever I’m listen to in my headphone to listen for anyone speaking English. If I hear it, I’ll speak to whoever is speaking impulsively.

9:00AM- Sprint through the business district, late for class
My international school is located in the business district of Madrid, this makes it even worse when I wear t-shirts to class. There are a lot of nice places to eat with outside tables with white table clothes on them. There sit women in pant suits who wear sunglasses and speak on the phone, glamour radiating from their tan Spanish skin.
9:00AM- Spanish Class
Try my best.
10:30AM- Breakfast
I know, I already had breakfast. But I’m still hungry, okay?! There’s this place called Juicy Avenue and they offer juice cleanses and all the items on the menu are in English. The theme of the restaurant is purple and they have a lot of fake plants. There’s one by my school and I like to go there for breakfast.

12:00PM- Hemingway class (see next post)
1:30PM- Class break
I have a four hour break here. If I have work to do I’ll sit in the garden of my school and finish it surrounded by giant palm trees that look like overgrown pineapples and city noises. If not, I’ll visit a museum near school. Option include the Prado or the Reina Sophia, I get free admission to both as a student. I try to avoid large Chinese tour groups, of which there are many. Since I have my school bag with me, I have my journal and pens as well so sometimes I sit on a bench and write about my day. Not until my pen touched the paper did I realize that art could actually be inspirational to my own writing, I kind of just looked at it to see the funny faces before that. Other times I’ll put on a song and pretend I’m in a music video. I wish I could actually film said music video but I’ve gotten in trouble more than once for taking pictures in the museums. I’m surprised I haven’t made the black list, or the lista de negro as I assume they’d call it.

4:00PM- Travel Writing + Global Perspective and New Media classes
The two classes are back to back and kind of start to feel conjoined because they’re in the same classroom and taught by the same teacher. It’s all about things that I want to when I’m older so I take careful notes.
7:00PM- Head home
I walk down the marble staircase in the early evening get out my headphone in preparation for the walk to the metro.
7:30PM- NAP
9:30PM- The highlight of my day aka dinner with my family
I have a host mother and father and a host brother and sister. Plus my roommate, it’s a crowded dinner of six each night full of laughter and espanol. I’ve been blessed to have gotten the best host family I could have ever asked for. Their cooking has never not made my mouth water and has never not left me stuffed. Our topics of conversation vary but we usually end up comparing and contrasting the cultures of different European countries and I’ve really learned a lot from them.
10:30PM- Get ready to go out 
The Spanish somehow have the resilience to go out everyday. I, do not. But I try my best to keep up by chugging coffee at key hours of the day.
12:00AM- Find a bar
Preferably one with free tapas. Sangria came into my life when I got here and has been one of my best friends ever since. (It’s a drink, not a person, yet all the same.) Apparently, though, it’s a dead giveaway of a tourist. But it’s not like me speaking loudly in English isn’t either.

2:30AM- La Discoteacha
How are you still awake? I’m not too sure. But let me tell you, at this point I’m usually at about 3 yawns a minute. In Sol, there are many promoters handing out vouchers to get into discotechas. If you tell them you got a better deal somewhere else, they’ll give you free stuff. Always do this. I’ve been told I “dance like an American” which probably just means that I’m a bad dancer. Turn out though, being a bad dancer will help you make friends who try (and fail) to teach you how to dance. When they play American music it’s usually from about two or three years ago, which is absolutely amazing because I know all the lyrics to most of those songs.

6:00AM- Back home
That’s when the metro opens back up. And I get a little sleep before..
7:45AM- Wake up

**Don’t worry Mom and Dad, I actually carried out this exact day, like, once. But it combines elements of each of my days.

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I am a photography, videographer, and filmmaker in Austin, Texas.

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